Rochester Hills Choi Kwang Do Kids Programs

Its more than punching and kicking…
Mentally, children learn about their energy. They learn when to use it, when to put it away, and most importantly, how to put it away. Through the motions of Choi Kwang Do, children develop skills to increase their ability to focus on single, and multiple tasks. Your child will develop an Increased mindfulness towards themselves and how their energy affects movement and thought. We stress the importance of being responsible with their martial art and holding themselves to a higher standard. Because our students are partners and not competitors, they develop increased mindfulness towards others and the environment that they live in. This includes bully awareness, peer pressure, and stranger awareness.

Pclasshysically, children increase their motor skills and greatly increase their balance. Through the unique motions of Choi Kwang Do and our unique way of training, kids become more focused, less excitable, and develop faster timing and reflexes. They are more fluid and efficient in their motions and develop leadership skills that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

The principles of Choi Kwang Do are based on respect, mentoring, and never giving up in the face of a challenge. The lessons taught in class transfer to their surroundings, parents, teachers and other children.

Parents are quite often surprised when they bring a shy child in for his/her first class, only to see an inner martial artist emerge in only 15 minutes into their first session. The fact is, Choi Kwang Do resonates with a child’s need for discipline, acceptance, achievement, and positive reinforcement.

Leadership Opportunities for Children

Dedicated children who model the principles of Choi Kwang Do may be chosen/asked to be part of special leadership programs within our school.

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